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This is a fantastic app! Straightforward and easy to use. Paid for itself ten times over because we didn't have to hire a calligrapher to do our wedding invitation envelopes - it was so easy to pick one of many great fonts, do a quick test print, and then print all of our envelopes ourselves. The calligrapher quote was over $400 that this app saved us!

Arianna R. - St. Paul, MN

My wife and I used it for our anniversary. Very easy to use. We created a guest list, printed labels, and recorded RSVPs. I'm sure we didn't even use half of the features, but for what we needed, this was great. Would definitely recommend!

Jonathan P. - Bethesda, MD

The whole app was definitely helpful in organizing my daughter's wedding. The guest feature is great! It seemed overwhelming at first to have to enter almost 300 guests, but the app has time saving buttons that make data entry easier. Took only one day to get all the guest names into the database. After that, everything else was very quick and easy. Getting invitation envelopes formatted and printed took less than an hour! Printing 'thank you' envelopes only took minutes, because all of the formatting was already there. Recording guest gifts was also a breeze.

A couple of tips - be sure to define all your venues first before adding any guests, because the system will then automatically do some default data entry for you, such as inviting guests to venues and setting up invitations to only go to one person per family. Another tip - before printing on actual envelopes, do a few trials on blank paper to make sure all of the alignment is correct so that you don't waste expensive invitaion envelopes.

Martha W. - Fort Lauderdale, FL

My wife and I are using Planner Plus for our daughter's wedding. My wife is mostly handling all the guest related stuff and I'm working with vendors and our budget. I am an accountant by trade, and I have to say, the budgeting tools in this app are truly impressive - almost as robust as the software I use for work but much easier to use. I was able to break everything down by venue and category, link budget line items to specific vendors, and schedule all payments into the future. The app even reminds me when a payment is coming up. Highly recommended!

Gregory F. - New York, NY

This software works very well and is making my wedding planning less stressful. I am not that computer savvy and was somewhat confused by all the features and how they all connect together in the beginning, but a couple of emails with tech support cleared everything up for me. They were very prompt in answering my specific questions, and included helpful information such as detailed instructions with screenshots. I could tell right away that the tech support people know their product very well and are not just reading from some script. Many thanks for making this easier!

Joanne L. - San Antonio, TX

I didn't expect much from this program initially, but then was pleasantly surprised with the many features it had. This is not a fancy app with cool graphics and catchy slogans - it is meant for serious people who need a tool that will make their event planning easier and better organized. That is exactly what Planner Plus did for me. I'm a single mother and was planning my daughter's sweet sixteen. This software helped me add all kids and adults easily using categories, set up invitations, record everyone's RSVP, and arrange their table seating using a very capable graphical layout tool. Everything was simple and intuitive to use. The one time I had a question, I submitted a contact form and had a very helpful answer emailed to me in less than an hour. I enjoyed using this software and receommended it to several friends.

Christina D. - Seattle, WA

I am using this software to plan my sister's wedding. I am a web designer myself, so always have high expectations from any web site. I tried a couple of event planning sites and they were difficult to use, slow, and not as feature rich as I would have liked. I stumbled upon Party Planner and was very pleasantly surprised that the site is well laid out, everything is intuitive, and performance is quite snappy. I was able to add guests very quickly, set up invitation name and address formatting, and even set up a mini-site for the wedding. The mini-site is pretty basic, but it does allow guests to RSVP online themselves.

We got past most RSVP's and then went to do guest table seating, and then I was totally blown away by the graphical room layout tool. It allows guests do be dragged and dropped between tables and unseated list. It allows tables to be moved around the room, rotated, and arranged any way you like. Different shapes of tables are available and you can specify how many seats are at each table. You can see instantly how many tables are full, who sits where, and who hasn't been seated yet. We are having a lot of fun with this feature and are looking forward to doing place cards soon.

Rebecca S. - New York, NY

Planner Plus was a big help planning our wedding. I am a bit OCD about everything and started out using Excel, but quickly got frustrated because I had to keep remembering to either save everything on a flash drive and bring with me or upload to Dropbox. Pretty soon, I had multiple copies of these Excel files all over the place and lost track of which were the most up-to-date ones and how to keep them all in sync.

Decided to give this app a try and quickly realized the beauty of having everything stored in one place, being able to access it from anywhere, and having a ready-made tool where I didn't have to create templates and layouts from scratch. I was amazed with all the details that someone had thought of and put into this app so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. I am now a big fan! Thank you for creating this wonderful app!

Allison M. - Garden Grove, CA

I initially tried a couple of free apps out there and didn't really like those. This was much more professional with great features and excellent support. Well worth the small investment.

Robert M. - Canton, OH

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