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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. PartyPlannerPlus.com works on virtually any device as long as it has a standards compliant web browser and an internet connection.
There are no dedicated apps. PartyPlannerPlus.com website allows full functionality on mobile devices, so an app is not necessary. You will be able to do everything on your phone the same way as on your laptop or desktop computer as long as you have an internet data connection.
Absolutely not! The price you paid is for planning an entire event from start to finish no matter how long that takes and you will continue to have access to your event data without any additional fees.
You can get very creative tailoring your event by using multiple venues. For example, you can have a wedding with three venues:

- Rehearsal Dinner
- Ceremony
- Reception

You can then specify which guests are invited to which venue.
Categories allow you to fine tune various ways to filter your guest list. Up to 3 categories can be specified for each guest. For example, you can use Category 1 to distinguish between adults and children, and Category 2 to specify which guests are from the bride's side of the family, and which ones are form the groom's. This will allow you to apply Category filters to various reports to aid in arranging everything from room seating layout to which guests stay at which hotels.

You can either use the predefined list of categories, or add your own as needed. Assigning category colors allows for a fast visual distinction on most worksheets.
You have limits to the total number of guests you can have based on the price tier of the event you purchased. If you need to import more guests than the current limit for your event, please upgrade to a higher tier by going to the Dashboard, clicking on the active event, then clicking the "Upgrade" tab.

Alternatively, you can delete some of the existing guests to make room for more imported guests.
This can happen for a couple of reasons.
1. You may have set some of the filters as too restrictive, and no data is being selected. Try to clear the filters and run the report again.
2. There could be no data for the specific report because it doesn't exist. For example, if nothing shows up in the Invitation Address Proofs report, it could be because you don't have any guests invited to any venues, or none of the invited guests have the "Print" column checked.
You have a couple of options:

1. You can create almost any report in Excel format, and then tweak and fine tune the resulting Excel spreadsheet further to suit your needs.

2. On any pages that have grids or worksheets, click the Excel button to get a raw data extract of what you're seeing on the screen, and you can further adjust the result.
A Micro-Site is a simple informational web site that you can create for your event. When editing your event, click on the Micro-Site tab. You will be able to upload a background image, enter informational text about your event, and even allow your guests to RSVP online!
Absolutely! When adding guests, click on the "Additional Info" tab, and you will be able to enter information in the "Dietary Restrictions" field. A special report is available just for special meal requirements.

Additionally, when you are recording RSVP's and entering meal choices for quests, a special message will pop up for guests with dietary restrictions.
It's simple - just click the "Forgot password" link next to the Login button in the upper right corner. You will be able to easily reset your password by providing your email address and answering a security question.
We take extensive measure to protect your information. All data is transmitted securely over the internet from your device to our server using SSL encryption. Make sure you see a security "Lock" icon in your browser. We also irreversibly encrypt your passwords so they cannot be used even if they are stolen.

In addition, we don't store any sensitive financial data on our servers. We store only the last four digits of your credit card number used to make an event purchase for reference purposes.