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Place Cards, Address Labels, Favor Tags - Advanced and Improved

Place Cards, Address Labels, Favor Tags - Advanced and Improved

Thanks to your input, we've added advanced features to our label composition and printing tool that will give you precise control over how your address labels, place cards, and favor tags are printed.  Take a look at all the customizations you are able to perform to your labels.

You can select the label manufacturer, and a specific label type from a comprehensive list of labels and card stock.  Once you select the maufacturer and card stock number, specific label details are automatically retrieved and displayed.  The following example uses the popular Avery #5011 Place Cards.

Label manufacturers and card stock numbers

Over 45 different elegant fonts are available to give your labels a distinctive touch.  You can select the font style, font size, and text alignment to customize the appearance of each label.

Labels styling options

As you are making selections, all your changes are instantly displayed in the Label Preview section.  The Preview accurately depicts what the final printed version of the label will look like.

Label preview

It is possible to add a background image to your labels. Specify which graphic file will be used as the background.  PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF file formats are supported. You can specify how the graphic is sized across the label - automatic (no sizing is done), "Contain" (the entire image will be contained within the label preserving aspect ratio), or "Stretch" (image will be stretched to fill the entire label height and width - useful for borders).  The label preview will reflect your selections instantly.  Be sure that the background graphic does not prevent label text from being legible.

Labels background options

You can specify exactly how the label sheet will be processed.  You can choose the sequential printing direction, whether labels will print across the page, then down, or down the page and then across.  You can also set a starting position on the label sheet.  This will allow you to minimize paper waste and utilize partially used label sheets where some of the labels have already been printed.

Labels sheet layout

Is your printer alignment slightly off?  If your labels don't align exactly as intended, you can fine tune, or nudge, the page margins vertically, up or down, and horizontally, left or right.  Adjustments are made in fractions of a millimeter.  Negative numbers will nudge the margins up (vertically) or left (horizontally).  Positive numbers will nudge the margins down (vertically) or right (horizontally).

Labels vertical and horizontal alignment fine tuning

You have the ability to specify which guest labels will be printed.  You can select all guests or specific ones.  You can further filter and narrow down your selections by choosing from available categories.


Further print options are available based on the type of label report.  For the place card example, you can choose whether to print the table numbers and/or table descriptions in addition to guest names.  Other label reports have similar options relevant to the specific report type.

Label print options

Once you've made all selections, click the "Create PDF" button.  You will receive a pop-up reminder to set your PDF scaling option to "None" - this will preserve the accurate alignment of the resulting PDF.  When the PDF is generated and opens on your screen, you can print a one page test sheet on plain paper to check for any alignment problems.  Overlay the blank label stock over the printed sheet and hold up to strong light to see if all the text and graphic elements of the printed labels fall within the cut lines of the label stock.  If the alignment is off, use the vertical and horizontal "Nudge" adjustments to correct alignment issues and repeat the test sheet print until it aligns perfectly with the label stock.  You are now ready to print the PDF file directly to the label stock.

Labels PDF

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